Life Coaching


Photo by Karen Welling.

People often ask, “How is coaching different from counseling?” I like an answer that uses a numerical scale. Think of “0” as being fine. If you would place yourself on a scale anywhere below “0” you might need counseling to reduce the pain and get you to the point where you are fine. If you are already at “0” or above on the scale, but have some questions you want to resolve or goals you want to achieve, life coaching may be helpful.

What can life coaching help with? Life coaching can enhance almost any aspect of life. Need to make a decision about a long-term relationship? Life coaching can help. Need to figure out next moves during a time of transition? Life coaching can help you set your path. Want to start something new? Life coaching can help you clarify what your true desires are, build on your strengths, and help you overcome obstacles to get to the best something new for you. Unfulfilled in your career? Life coaching can help you clarify your interests and plot a course to a more fulfilling work life.

Are relationships with family and friends challenging? Life coaching can help. Are you weary of trying to find a partner? Life coaching can help you regain your enthusiasm and find new ways to approach the dating game.

Though we will not be doing counseling in life coaching, through my extensive training as a therapist I am able to offer approaches outside the already-rich reservoir of life coaching methods. Approaches that enhance life coaching include self-administered acupressure to address anxiety and other impediments. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Re-Processing) can also help clients make the most of the qualities they already have, in order to achieve their goals. It can also help release blocks created by negative experiences.

Could life coaching enable you to make that big decision or reach your goals? Contact me to schedule a complimentary 30-minute life coaching consultation to find out.