Relaxation and stress management techniques include deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and visualization.

Self-administered acupressure (EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique) is easily learned and can reduce anxiety—as well as help with reducing and resolving other unhelpful emotions and thoughts. It is widely used by artists and athletes.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is used for relaxation, visualization, and for addressing past events that are related to current difficulties. EMDR seems to help the brain process differently and more efficiently than thinking and talking do. Research shows that EMDR can produce rapid change. A particular protocol enables you to create your own personal visualization for managing challenges and achieving goals.

Identifying and defusing negative thought patterns is accomplished through a simple process. This process, called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/CBT teaches you how to recognize and label negative thought patterns and then to replace them with accurate, helpful thoughts.