Architectural ArchesI have been a licensed therapist for more than 35 years, helping my clients work through a wide variety of issues.

It is deeply satisfying for me to accompany people on their journeys through the challenges in life. I have particular expertise in couple and family therapy, and in working with artists and athletes.

While I draw from many orientations and use varied techniques, building a collaborative relationship is the foundation of our work. The first meeting is a chance for both of us to see if we seem like a good fit. At this session or as we get to know each other I may recommend something in addition to therapy or even something instead of therapy. In couples and families therapy I will at times meet with couple and family members individually.

Though psychotherapy (counseling) is a serious undertaking, I believe humor is an important part of life and can be an important part of healing. So if we find humor in a situation, laugh we will.