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Article in “Swimming World Magazine”

On November 12 I had the wonderful opportunity to facilitate workshops on preparing for competition with the Tufts University swimming and diving teams. A few days later I discovered that I had been quoted extensively in the following article, which will serve as my blog this time. Enjoy. https://www.swimmingworldmagazine.com/news/using-meet-anxiety-to-your-advantage/

Neutralizing overgeneralizing

Photo by Nicole LeBlanc To refresh your memory, take a look at my most recent post. (http://kwelling.com/?page_id=116) See below to address overgeneralization using the questions we’ve been talking about. 1) What’s the evidence that your thought is accurate? “Never” hasn’t happened yet so you don’t know if you’ll never practice or compose/write/ draw/design. (Note: this […]


This multisyllable thinking error has a lot in common with all-or-nothing thinking. You interpret one thing as “a never-ending pattern of defeat.” (David Burns, MD) Remember my story of dropping out for 4 bars while accompanying the chorus on piano? I made it into a never-ending pattern of defeat by never even trying again. By, […]

All-Or-Nothing Thinking Remedies

As promised, here are things you ask yourself when you notice you’re in in all-or-nothing thinking. 1) What is the evidence that the whole thing was a failure? Acknowledge the things you did do, the things that did work. All the “correct” notes you hit. The rest of the painting. The aspects of your race […]

All-Or-Nothing Thinking: My Story

Also called black-and-white thinking: If something isn’t perfect you call it a total failure. You honk on one wrong note in a piece and you say the whole thing sucked. You create a lighting effect on your painting that you don’t love and throw the whole thing in the trash. You don’t achieve a personal […]

Digging In

Discounting the Positive It took the intervention of a really good supervisor (and the persistence of my husband) to break this habit. A specialty of mine was laughing off compliments by saying something self-deprecating in a humorous way. Maybe something like, “Yeah, sure, but I didn’t exactly achieve world peace.” What is “discounting the positive”? […]

Common thinking errors

Common thinking errors (David Burns, MD) • all-or-nothing thinking • overgeneralization • mental filter • discounting the positive • fortune telling • magnifying or minimizing • emotional reasoning • shoulda-coulda thinking • labeling • self blame or blame of others A simple (though not always easy) way to defuse these thoughts is to notice, label, […]

Mind Matters: Thinking Errors

“I think, therefore I am.” (Rene Descartes, philosopher.) “I think, therefore I drive myself crazy.” (Many of us in the modern world.) Humans are the only species that has the ability, with thoughts, to make benign situations seem bad, and bad situations seem catastrophic. This tendency has all sorts of names: stinkin’ thinkin’, thinking errors, […]

Managing Stress and Anxiety

When we’re stressed hormones course through the body preparing us for fight/flight/freeze. While this is adaptive for brief times of crisis, chronic stress takes a physical, emotional, and mental toll. Most of us have experienced the tense shoulders, stiff neck, or stomach ache that accompanies stress. What you may not know is that the effects […]


Welcome to my blog. It will feature quotes, stories, and tips about how we can harness our thoughts, energy, and emotions for positive change. I love coaching kids, teens, and adults in all aspects of life. Since my specialty is helping artists and athletes get the most out of their art or sport my writings […]