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Going beyond the ol’ comfort zone

I’ve been working on the networking thing to build my coaching practice. Theoretically, networking shouldn’t be a chore for me since I am an extrovert. But it is. I resolved to network at a conference I attended. Thanks to a great workshop leader, there were small group activities that got me acquainted with other folks. […]

Meet-Up Coaching Workshop Oct. 20 from 10:30-12

I’m excited to share that I have started a Meet-Up Group: Aspire Life Coaching Community. I will be hosting our first workshop on Saturday, October 20 from 10:30-12 in Davis Square Somerville. Hope you will consider coming. It’s a great (and inexpensive: only $2.00–no that is not a typo–) way to explore coaching in a supportive […]

Lasting Habit Change

I’m delighted that an article I wrote about lasting habit change has been published in the Ace-Up Blog. http://blog.ace-up.com/forming-permanent-habits-beyond-flimsy-new-years-resolutions

Shoulda-Coulda Thinking

Here’s another championship I could have won in my prime. Happily, I’m less of a contender these days. If I were stuck in traffic: “I should have gone another way. I should have left earlier. I should have left later.” After a less-than stellar performance: “I should have practiced more. I should have never attempted […]

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

When I decided to start a coaching practice specializing in work with artists and athletes I was full of doubts. In fact, I can’t say I decided to start it: I thought it would be fun to incorporate my love of the arts and sports with my work (which I also love.) And then I […]

Foiling Mental Filter

In mental filter you obscure the positives and only see the negatives. If there had been Mental Filter championships I would have been a contender. This is still one of my weaker links. (When I review evaluations of my workshops I still have to force myself to focus on the majority of positives instead of […]

It’s Never Too Late

  “It’s never too late.” Trite phrase, I know. But I met someone recently who personifies this. Kelley Kassa (front row center) is a petite woman who aspired to be an athlete, but believed she could not pursue sports because of her stature. So, she did the next best thing: learned to play marching band […]