Welcome to my blog. It will feature quotes, stories, and tips about how we can harness our thoughts, energy, and emotions for positive change. I love coaching kids, teens, and adults in all aspects of life. Since my specialty is helping artists and athletes get the most out of their art or sport my writings will use lots of athletic and creative examples. I’ll start with stress and anxiety management techniques ’cause, let’s face it, we can all use some of this. Then there will be installments about how our thoughts can hinder us. We humans have the unique ability to turn a bad thing into something worse, or a good thing into something bad, simply through the power of our imaginations. I won’t just tell you how we get into trouble, though. I’ll also be letting you know what we can do to address the negative thought patterns and replace them with realistic, positive thoughts. In addition, I’ll be giving tips on finding balance, maintaining focus, regaining motivation and the like. I’m sure there will be quotes, musings, and stories that don’t fall into any of these categories. Thanks for joining me in my blogging adventure.